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Who to Call For Mobile Notary Services Near Me?

One of the most important things to consider about a mobile notary Los Angeles is the price of their services. On that front, Baldeep Parihar can beat anyone in town. XMnotary offers a great $50 flat rate, $15 per page rate, and loan signing services for just $150. For mobile notary services near me 24/7, you cannot beat those prices!

In addition, offers service anywhere and anytime in the Los Angeles metropolitan region. Whatever you need from mobile notary services near me, will be there when time is short.

Why Mobile Notaries Near Me?

Almost everyone needs a notary public at some point. Notarized documents are required to many legal transactions. Below is more information about the types of documents that can help you with 24/7/365 anywhere in LA:

  • Medical documents: These documents that specify a treatment that someone wants to request or deny if the person has been incapacitated by illness or injury. It is vital these documents are notarized so there are no arguments about the healthcare the person receives.
  • Power of attorney: This legal document transfers power to person to act for another person if he or she is absent. Whatever type of power of attorney – limited or universal or limited to a time period – it needs to be notarized.
  • Trusts, wills, and deeds: Any document that transfers ownership of property from one individual to another almost always must be notarized. In the case of wills, sometimes these documents must be notarized very quickly before a person passes on. is experienced getting to people quickly who need a will notarized.
  • Agreements over long distance: Any agreement that occurs between people who are not in the same location must be notarized to ensure the person signing the paper is the same person listed. A mobile notary ensures that all documents are signed by the same people who are listed in those documents. A mobile notary such as ensures it is faster and easier to get a certified public notary, which saves you time and money.

Baldeep Parihar is someone to rely on when you are looking for mobile notaries near me. He can be found any hour of the day and any day of the week, and he specializes in after hours document signings and rushed document signings in LA.

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