Baldeep Parihar is LA’s traveling notary who comes to you

When you need notary services, call LA’s best traveling notary for services that come to you no matter where you are.

A traveling notary comes to you to take care of putting and official stamp on important documents like wills, mortgages and contracts. Baldeep Parihar goes where he is needed.

Nursing Homes – People in a nursing home often need papers notarized but cannot leave the center. Baldeep comes to you. He is always a public notary near me.

Hospitals – Recovering from something? About to have surgery? It doesn’t matter, if you are in a hospital room and need something urgently notarized, call Baldeep. He’s on the way because he is always a notary near me open now.

Houses – Don’t want to leave home to get papers notarized? Don’t. Baldeep will come to your house. You have the paperwork, he has the time

Businesses – Contracts. Agreements. Covenants. Baldeep can notarize whatever your company needs.

Boats – Yes, Baldeep will come to your live-aboard or your yacht. Just tell him which marina and which slip and he’s on the way.

Restaurants – Business can be done over dinner. Baldeep can come, notarize the paperwork and leave without interrupting your meal.

Anywhere – Really. Anywhere. You pick a place and Baldeep can be there.

Need to know more about notaries and what they do? The National Notary Association is a wealth of information about traveling notary and other services.