Mobile Notary Service

What is Public Notary

Public notaries are legal practitioners appointed by a government authority; could be a faculty of notary publics or a court or a state legislator, etc. Los Angeles notary services have been one of the fondly spoken notary services in America. A notary public is a public officer of the common law that is meant to serve the public in non-contentious matters. These matters include estates, foreign and international business, and powers among others. The public notary services include the administration of oaths, declaration, and affirmation, make statutory declarations, take affidavits, witness and authenticate the execution of classes of documents among others. Any of these functions is known as a notarization.

Notary Service in Los Angeles:

Notarizations work differently from one country to another and a region to another. However, in a city like Los Angeles, public notaries cover wide services that include:

  • Protest notes and bills of exchange
  • Taking affidavits and statutory declarations
  • Taking acknowledgments of deeds
  • Providing notice of foreign drafts, etc.

A notary can have a for life appointment or can be a brief term that could need renewal.

How to get a Notary Service near Me:

Are you in need of any of the aforementioned notarization acts and you have wondered, how to get a public notary near me? Well, getting notary near you is not difficult, not as it used to be. America has millions of public notaries, but getting a close one within a short while might take time. Via Google Map and locations, you can track a public notary. The most interesting and cheapest way, now, is to get a mobile notary from anywhere you are. Mobile notaries have online channels where you can reach them and convey your needs to them. You can both make arrangements and they are willing to come over to you, wherever you are, even in places that there might seem to be no notary public around. With a mobile notary public, it is easy to get your documents notarized or make other notarization arrangements with an agent.

Getting a public notary would traditionally require that you get a notary public, and then go to meet them in person. This can be inconvenient, and expensive with time and cost. However, this process is improved with mobile notary public services; you could have a notary public come down to you, or have them render their service online.

Why you need a public notary:

No one can tell the tales of events between two parties and how things turn. Other than the official or state-designated assignments, individuals would need a public notary for services such as a witness signatory to the signing of a document between two parties. A public notary verifies the identity of the involved signers, their understanding of the binding terms of a contract, and their willingness to sign. You protect your rights and contracts when you get a public notary.

Certified notary documents are sealed with a notary officer’s stamp or seal and duly recorded in a protocol (the professional term for a register).

You can get your documents notarized or request for any other related service with a notary public from any part of Los Angeles with XMnotary. It is cheap, fast, and scheduling a discussion or meeting has never been easier.