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How to Sign Trust Documents

If you need a living trust notary, you may be wondering how to sign trust documents. If you are signing as a trustee, you should always sign as ‘John Jones, Trustee.’ When you sign as a trustee, you are personally liable for that action, if the action is not within the scope of your authority for that trust. If you do not sign as ‘trustee’, you could be personally liable.
If you are signing on behalf of the estate, the correct signature is “Name, Title with regard to the estate.’ For example, you may sign the trust document John Jones, Personal Representative, or John Jones, Executor.

I Need a Notary Near Me

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What Is So Important About a Good Notary in LA?

A good mobile notary is very important when you need to have a living trust signed. This is a written legal document where your assets are placed inside a trust for your benefit while you are alive, and then transferred to beneficiaries when you die.

This is a key legal document for several reasons, and you want a fast, reliable mobile notary available to get it signed when you need it:

  • Living trusts avoid probate: Living trusts do not go through probate, which usually means your assets will be distributed faster to your heirs.
  • Living trusts can save you money: A will does not cost as much to draft, but a living trust can save your estate a lot of money, depending on your circumstances. Living trusts hold up better in court if someone contests the distribution of assets.
  • Living trusts offer privacy: A living trust is not a public document, so your estate is distributed in private.

So, if you need to have a living trust notarized, call today to handle the critical details.

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