Advanced healthcare directive must be Notarized

The California Hospital Association recommends any California Advanced Healthcare Directive be notarized.

People who have a California Advanced Healthcare Directive really need to have that document notarized to make sure the wishes spelled out in the document are carried out says the California hospital association.

An advance directive spells out what doctors and other health care providers should do to you and for you if you cannot communicate. Some people do not want life-prolonging measures if doctors say there is no hope. Others may want everything possible done.

Unless you have this spelled out clearly ahead of time in a legal and formal matter, you are leaving that decision to other people and possibly the courts. You are also leaving a heavy burden on your family and friends. Take the burden off and let them know, formally, what you want to have done.

The state has a sample advance directive form available for free. The form can be customized as needed to fit individuals prefences. The one constant is the need to notarize the paperwork.

California law says the papers can be witnessed by two people, but they cannot be someone in charge of your healthcare or your healthcare provider. The other problem is finding these people in case their signatures must be verified.

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